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At National Medical Center, the best dental clinic in Satwa, Dubai, we have designed our facility to offer ultimate comfort and hospitality with cutting-edge technology and curated dental care treatments to make you smile better!. With the country’s best cosmetic dentistry and dental department boasting of some of the world’s best doctors and staff, you are sure to receive world-class treatment and subsequent oral rehabilitation programmes at affordable rates!
Come to National Medical Center, and experience the multi-specialty dental services that have helped us retain our throne as the best dental clinic in Satwa for decades today!


Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you worried about missing, broken, uneven, gummy, spaced or crooked teeth?

A brilliant smile is the first point we note when interacting with another person. However, it is extremely disheartening to notice that most people are unhappy and not proud of their smiles and teeth.

This is where National Medical Center, the best dental clinic in Satwa, can help you! Our top-class dental care services provide you with world-class cosmetic dentistry. We can transform all your insecurities into perfect, beautiful, shining teeth under the expertise of our top-notch cosmetic dentists in Satwa. Our veneers can overcome any chips, fractures, gaps, stains, and misalignment of your teeth! 

We ensure that the perfect, confident smile is possible for you with Satwa’s best dental clinic! 
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Dental Department

National medical center is one of the best multi-speciality dental clinics in Satwa, Dubai. We assure our patients personalized dental care services and a top-notch treatment experience through our trained team of dentists, dental experts, world-class dental equipment and technology in combination with patient-centered treatment plans.

Very few dental clinics in satwa can boast of having such highly-trained dental specialists like the National Medical Center, and this is what helped us in achieving a record, 31 years of being the best dental clinic in Satwa, Dubai.

Our experts in the fields of Periodontics, Prosthodontics and Endodontics, help you in achieving that confident smile you have always desired.
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About Us

National Medical Center, was established in 1980 to provide the absolute best in class dental care services. Now, with over 31 years of pedigree as the best dental clinic in Satwa,National Medical Center has grown into a center of trust and excellence for high-quality care! 

Our vision to create an affordable, easy to access quality dental clinic in Satwa came to fruition with immense dedication and hardwork! 

We have state-of-the-art dental care services, top-notch dentists and support staff and cutting edge technology, enabling us in delivering successful clinical outcomes. We are hailed as the absolute best in class dental clinic in Satwa for combining medical expertise and incredible technology to provide nothing short of a world-class experience!

From routine wellness tests, preventive healthcare and diagnostic services to innovative dental care services, National Medical Centre has been able to change thousands of lives for the better in our 31 years of outstanding track record.
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Root Canal



Scaling & Polishing





Fixed bridges


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