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Welcome to National Medical Center, the dental clinic in Satwa known for affordable, high-quality care; subsequently, experience the excellence in dental services right in the heart of Dubai.

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Affordable Quality Dentistry for All in Satwa

Embark on a journey to outstanding oral health at National Medical Center, your affordable dental clinic in Satwa, Dubai; thereafter, enjoy our comprehensive range of dental services tailored to meet your needs. Moreover, our clinic stands out with its patient-friendly approach and advanced dental services, including cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and emergency dental care. We’re committed to providing high-quality, affordable dental solutions, ensuring every smile in Satwa is both healthy and radiant. Trust our skilled dentists in Satwa to enhance your dental well-being with our state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive oral health programs. Additionally, actively experience the best in dental care at National Medical Center, a name synonymous with excellence in Dubai’s dental community.

Satwa Dental Care Departments

Woman with a radiant smile showcasing results of cosmetic dentistry in Satwa.

Cosmetic Dentistry Satwa

Close-up of a smile with clear orthodontic aligners, representing orthodontics services in Satwa.

Orthodontics in Satwa

Pediatric Dentistry Satwa

Emergency Dental Care Satwa

Comprehensive Oral Health Services in Satwa - Your Trusted Choice

Skilled Satwa Dentists for Cosmetic, Orthodontic, and Pediatric Care

At National Medical Center, your trusted dental clinic in Satwa, Dubai, we offer a full spectrum of dental services. Additionally, from advanced cosmetic dentistry to specialized orthodontics in Satwa, our team caters to all your dental needs. Our pediatric dentistry department ensures gentle and effective care for our younger patients, while our emergency dental services provide immediate attention for urgent dental situations. Utilizing the latest in dental technology, we offer treatments like dental implants and teeth whitening, thus ensuring optimal oral health for everyone. Recognized as the best dentists in Satwa, we are committed to providing affordable and patient-friendly dental care, indeed striving to exceed expectations. Experience the finest in dental services at National Medical Center, where we prioritize your smile and dental well-being.

Choose Excellence & Affordability at Our Satwa Dental Clinic

Explore Affordable Dental Treatments at Our Satwa Clinic

In the heart of Satwa, Dubai, National Medical Center stands out as a leading dental clinic in Satwa, offering an exceptional blend of affordability and quality. Moreover, our dental clinic in Satwa specializes in a wide range of services, from urgent emergency dental care to sophisticated cosmetic dentistry. At our clinic, accessibility is key; moreover, we provide various payment options including Tabby installments, making premium dental care achievable for all. Known for our experienced team of dentists in Satwa, additionally, we utilize advanced techniques and technology for procedures like dental implants and teeth whitening.Choose our dental clinic in Satwa for services that prioritize your oral health without stretching your budget; furthermore,

Team of friendly family dentists in Satwa, ready to provide compassionate dental care.

National Medical Center: Your Reliable Satwa Dental Care Partner

​National Medical Center: Pioneering Dental Care in Satwa

Founded in 1980, National Medical Center stands as a distinguished dentist clinic in Satwa, Dubai, known for over 42 years of exceptional dental services. Our team of top dentists in Satwa specializes in various fields, including cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and pediatric care, making us a trusted name in Satwa dental care. We’re committed to providing affordable, high-quality dental treatments, from advanced dental implants to routine oral health checkups. Our dedication to being the best dental clinic in Satwa is reflected in our patient-friendly approach and state-of-the-art technology, solidifying our status as a leading Dubai dental clinic.

Expert Dental Services at Satwa’s Leading Clinic

Discover exceptional oral health at National Medical Center, a foremost dental clinic in Satwa. Our skilled dental team employs the latest technology to provide a full spectrum of services. Entrust your smile to us for expert care and dedication in Satwa, ensuring a confident and healthy smile for every patient.
Patient undergoing a tooth extraction procedure at a trusted dental clinic in Satwa.

Tooth Extraction

Teeth Whitening

Root Canal


Detailed view of a dental filling procedure being performed, a common aspect of dental care in Satwa.

Teeth Filling

Scaling & Polishing

Custom-made dentures displayed, highlighting restorative services at a dental clinic in Satwa.


Close-up of teeth with shade guide for selecting dental veneers at an orthodontics clinic in Satwa.



3D illustration of dental implant components ready for placement, offered by Satwa Dental Care.

Dental Implant

Smiling woman holding a dental retainer, indicative of the post-orthodontic care at Satwa Dental Care.


Your Trusted Dental Clinic in Satwa

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Your smile reflects your personality, making oral health vital. At our Satwa dental clinic, we ensure everyone enjoys a beautiful smile. Ready for top-notch, affordable orthodontic care? Book with the best dentists in Satwa now!

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What People Say About Their Experience at Our Satwa Dental Clinic!

Remarkable teeth whitening experience at National Medical Center, dental clinic in Satwa! The experts here have a deep understanding of cosmetic dentistry. Now, my smile is absolutely radiant!

Ahmed Al-Sayed UAE

Opting for braces treatment at this affordable dental clinic in Al Satwa was a game-changer. The orthodontic care here is exceptional – a perfect blend of quality and affordability.

Layla Al-Maktoum UAE

I received my dental implants at this renowned clinic in Al Satwa, and the experience was flawless. The dental specialists here are truly the best in Dubai, especially for implant procedures.

Hassan Al-Najjar UAE

The veneers I got at this Al Satwa dental clinic transformed my smile! The dentists here are incredibly patient-friendly, offering services that are both high in quality and affordable.

Sara Al-Hashimi UAE

This clinic in Al Satwa is exceptional for pediatric dentistry. Their approach to children's dental health is gentle yet effective, making dental visits a breeze for my little ones.

Mariam Al-Rashid UAE

In a moment of dental emergency, this clinic in Al Satwa was a lifesaver. They offer flexible payment methods, including installments, and accept various insurances, making their services both accessible and affordable.

Khalid Al-Fahim UAE

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dentistry Pain-Free ?

Yes, at National Medical Center, Dental Clinic in Satwa, we prioritize pain-free dental care. Our expert team uses advanced techniques and gentle care to ensure your comfort during all procedures.

How Do I Choose Local Dentists in Dubai?

Look for experienced, well-reviewed dentists offering comprehensive services. National Medical Center in Satwa, is highly recommended for top dental care in Al Satwa, Dubai.

How much is a root canal in Dubai?

The cost for a root canal in Dubai generally ranges from AED 1,500 to AED 2,500. However, National Medical Center, dental care in Satwa, Dubai, offers this treatment at a more affordable rate, starting from AED 349​​​​​​.

How much do veneers cost in Dubai?

The cost of veneers in Dubai ranges from AED 999 to AED 6,999 per veneer, depending on factors like material quality and dentist’s experience. National Medical Center, an affordable dental clinic in Satwa, Dubai, offers a competitive rate of AED 3,999 for 3D Emax veneers for 10 units on the upper teeth​​​​​​.

Do dental clinics in Satwa offer emergency dental services?

Yes, the clinic provides prompt services for dental emergencies. Contacting their office immediately in such cases is advised for quick scheduling.

Which is the best and most affordable dental clinic in Satwa, Dubai?

National Medical Center is recognized as the best and most affordable dental clinic in Satwa, Dubai. They provide premium dental services at competitive prices.

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