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Healthy Teeth For Your Lovable Kids

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Healthy Teeth for Your Lovable Kids: A Comprehensive Pediatric Dentistry Clinic in Satwa

Keeping a child’s teeth hygiene is always a confusing space for parents to cope with. From concerns like when to start brushing, to when to set up an appointment with the dentist, parentsfall short of information. In fact parents need proper guidance regarding child’s dental health. They should be provided with ample information about children’s teeth hygiene. The first thing about a child’s teeth that parents should be aware of is that a good dental care begins even before the appearance of the first baby tooth. So the maintenance and caring of the teeth should begin from around the age of 1 or 2. Here are some tips for caring child’s dental health.

The use of Flouride

Fluoride plays an important role in a child’s dental health. It facilitates the reduction of cavity in both baby teeth and adult teeth. And also it helps to strengthen the teeth by hardening the enamel. In some cities fluoride are asked to be added in tap water, making it widely available for kids. If in case the water does not contain fluoride, the child may need to take an oral fluoride supplement. Consult the doctor first to know about the necessity of this and know more about use of fluoride. But, over usage of fluoride can cause tooth stains and be harmful to the teeth. So while using it make sure you have proper informations from your doctor.

Brushing and Flossing

As mentioned earlier, the child’s dental hygiene should begin when the child is a baby. When the child is around 1 or 2 years of age, start using soft child-sized toothbrush, and brush your child’s teeth atleast twice a day. Adding a small dab of toothpaste with no fluoride is also suggested as such toothpastes are safe to swallow. Once the child is old enough to understand things, you can switch to one with fluoride. Gradually teach the child to brush properly and spit out the
toothpaste after brushing. Flossing is also another vital part in keeping good oral hygiene. Gradually teach your child tofloss regularly, atleast once a day.


Cavities are a serious issue that your child’s teeth need good care from. Cavities are holes forming in the teeth and are occured with the producing of bacteria in the mouth. As it is not harder to brush children’s teeth, cavities are more likely to occur in their teeth. Sugar substance in food and drinks can also cause cavities as it turned into acid, causing wearing away of the teeth. Children who eat a lot of food are also at high risk of causing cavities to the teeth.

Mouth Safety

Mouth safety is another factor you need be aware of about your child’s teeth. Children are active souls. They walk, run and play around without any hesitation, increasing the chances of falling down or getting hurt. So, to keep their teeth safe and intact, sometimes, mouth retainers are used to cover the teeth. They are soft plastic retainers that cover the teeth and sometimes lips. So using such a retainer for your kids are suggested to maintain oral health of your child.

Different tips for the safety and hygiene of your child’s teeth are discussed above. You need proper assistance and information to maintain your child’s oral health. So, find the right doctors to consult about your child’s dental health. National Medical Center, one of the best dental clinic in Satwa, Dubai have the best experienced doctors and cutting edge technology to provide the best dental care services.

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