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Do you want to know how to prevent dry sockets after teeth removal?

Prevent dry socket -Teeth Removal-Dentist clinic in Satwa

Normally, a blood clot is formed in the place where the teeth removal was performed. It actually helps in the healing process. The blood clot helps you to protect the nerve endings and the underlying bones. It also helps the gums in their healing process. This blood clot has to stay in place until it is healed. But sometimes because of several reasons, this clot could get removed or cleared causing you intense pain. This condition is called dry sockets or alveolar osteitis. We are going to discuss some of the symptoms of dry sockets and their prevention methods.

Symptoms of dry sockets:- 

Teeth removal is normally followed by pain with swelling and soreness, which can be managed with painkillers and it will be gone within three days after surgery. But if the pain still continues to worsen even after that, you might be having dry sockets. There are several other symptoms for you to identify dry sockets.
They are:-
● Extreme pain even after the three days after surgery.
● A false odour and taste coming out from the socket.
● Bones and nerves become visible.
● Intense pain rooting from the socket spreads even to the face and head.
● Sockets become empty when the blood clotting gets moved.

Prevention methods:-

Some ways to prevent dry sockets or alveolar osteitis:

Avoid drinking using straws:-

Drinking water or juice using a straw can cause the blood clotting to dislodge from the socket. It could then lead to dry sockets. So it is necessary to avoid straws for at least a week.

Avoid smoking and tobacco usage:-

Smoking and tobacco usage will cause dry sockets heavily and can even cause more bleeding. The constant intake of smoke can dislodge the blood clot and tobacco usage can lead to increased bleeding, making it the worst of the choice. 

Avoid hard rinsing:-

Although it is possible to rinse your mouth after teeth removal, you should be careful about it. Rinsing too harshly can lead to the dislodging of blood clotting, leading to a dry socket. So, while rinsing the mouth after teeth extraction, keep it gentle to make it easy on the blood clot.

Eat soft food:-

While eating food after teeth extraction, be careful to not eat any solid or rough food. Eating rough food can damage the socket and cause pain. And also avoid items like nuts, seeds, mcrunchy food like chips etc. to avoid the possibility of it getting stuck in the socket. So, after teeth
extraction soft foods are recommended for the first day.

Proper oral hygiene:-

Keeping proper oral hygiene is one of the best ways to prevent dry sockets. It can help to stop germs and infections from moving blood clots. After the surgery, your dentist might give you instructions about how to brush your teeth and keep oral hygiene.

Dry sockets, their symptoms and prevention methods are discussed above. You need to have clear guidance after teeth extraction to avoid any complications like dry sockets. National Medical Center, a dental clinic in Satwa, is one of the best dental care clinics in Dubai, offering
highly expertized dental treatment services. Reach our clinic for the best care for your teeth.

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