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Uncovering the Truth: Natural Teeth Whitening: Facts vs Myths
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march , 2022

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It is said that starting your day with a bright smile can light up your whole day. Everyone loves a nice and healthy smile. But many of you lack the confidence to spread that smile over your face. What might be the reason? You might be having yellow teeth and feels hesitant to show that to others. So, to fix that concern you look for solutions that pleases you. And most probably that would be natural teeth whitening methods.

There are a lot of natural teeth whitening methods available over the internet that areconsidered to be effective and safe. But, in fact, several of them are either myths that root from false perceptions or contain many disadvantages that cause teeth damages. So, how about we dig deep into the topic?

Oil Pulling

Myth: It is one of the most common natural teeth whitening methods. It is an ancient method of swishing oil around your mouth that is said to clean the bacteria and stain present on your teeth. Although any oil can be used for oil pulling, coconut is the widely used one.

Fact: Although it is widely said to be an effective teeth whitening technique, there isn’t any scientific evidence to date. It is said that the oil turns to white milky liquid when we spit it out, carrying the bacteria and toxins along with it. But the science world still hasn’t found any supporting evidence for the claim.


Use of Baking Soda

Myth: Rubbing or brushing with baking is said to be another natural way to whiten your teeth. It is said that its teeth whitening property will help to remove the stains on your teeth and give your its bright shining touch. Today, there are many toothpastes that consist of baking soda to whiten teeth.

Fact: Baking soda does have teeth whitening properties. But we shouldn’t ignore its demerits that can cause harm to your teeth. Baking soda is abrasive causing it to damage the enamel of your teeth and it can also cause oral damages making it least ideal for teeth whitening.

Use of Fruits (Strawberry, Lemon, etc..)

Myth: It is widely believed that fruits are effective agents to whiten your teeth. Lemons and strawberries are the commonly used ones to eliminate stains and brighten your teeth.

Fact: One should always remember that keeping an acidic substance on your teeth for a long time can cause damage to your teeth. As many of the fruits like lemon and strawberries are acidic, using fruits as your teeth whitening agent is never an ideal method.

Brushing with Activated Charcoal

Myth: As you know, activated charcoal is a widely known agent for teeth whitening. It is a fine black powder produced by heating charcoal and other natural products. So, it is said that it has the natural ability to whiten your teeth.

Facts: Although it is one of the most widely considered natural methods for teeth whitening, it still lacks appropriate scientific evidence or explanations to justify so. Also, it has several drawbacks such as continuous use of activated charcoal could cause thinning of the teeth enamel which could even discolor your teeth, and as it is abrasive, it could build roughness on the surface of your teeth.

Usage of Hydrogen Peroxide

Myth: Hydrogen peroxide is another widely considered natural teeth whitening agent. It is believed that it can penetrate the layers of the teeth and remove the compounds that cause teeth discoloration.

Facts: Hydrogen peroxide, although considered a safe natural teeth whitening agent, cannot be considered ideal as it, in fact, cause teeth damages. It can create free radicals causing it to damage tissues.

It is clearly visible that several of the natural teeth whitening methods prevailing today are either not scientifically reliable or cause teeth damages. So, before opting for natural teeth whitening methods that could possibly affect your teeth, have a dig into the advantages and
disadvantages that it holds.

As you are now aware of the actual facts about natural teeth whitening methods, visit our best dentist in Satwa at National Medical Center, the best dental clinic in Dubai for more consultations.

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