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Debunking 5 Common Myths on Root Canal Treatment

Dentist from National Medical Center Dental Clinic in Satwa Debunks 5 Common Myths About Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal is a procedure, carried out by an endodontist, necessary to treat an infected tooth by removing the infected pulp beneath the hard enamel and dentin.

A deep cavity, cracks, or a bad crown may make a root canal treatment very necessary and if left untreated, may make the infection worse and it might then require surgical intervention or the pulling out of the tooth to heal. The only thing that stops many from getting a root canal is the many common myths associated with it that might inflict a slight fear in the minds of many towards this treatment. Here, we debunk 5 common myths associated with this particular treatment.

      1. Root Canal is a painful procedure.

    With the advancement in technology, equipment, training, and anesthesia, modern root canal treatment is a pain-free one. It is a treatment done to relieve one of the pain caused by an infected pulp.

        1. Root Canal takes many visits to the dentist.

      Many believe that extracting the tooth is quicker than root canal treatment. But extraction will require you to get an implant resulting in more visits to the dentist and also more expenditure on multiple procedures. Whereas, a root canal is a single procedure that would take only around 1 to 3 visits depending upon the condition of your tooth.

          1. Root Canal kills the tooth.

        It doesn’t kill the tooth, it only disinfects and cleans the decayed insides of the tooth allowing the tooth to heal.

            1. Root Canal procedures aren’t very successful.

          As per the American Association of Endodontists, if done by an endodontist itself, the success rate of root canal procedure remains at 95%. With proper aftercare, gum care, and hygiene practices, this procedure can help maintain your tooth healthily for a lifetime without the need for further interventions.

              1. Root Canal treatment causes general illness.

            Based on debunked research conducted almost a century ago, with no scientific evidence to support it to date, it was speculated that root canals cause general illness throughout the body. However, a root canal procedure only helps prevent reinfection by removing infected pulp from the body. It does not induce infection in any way if proper aftercare is given after the treatment.

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