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Tips for Caring Metal Braces

Metal Braces are the most commonly accepted method available to rectify dental misalignment today. It was traditionally very bulky and difficult to maintain. Due to advanced technology and innovation, Metal Braces are now preferred by people worldwide. 

However, there are certain dental hygiene practices you should follow in order to get the best results from your metal braces. 

5 Best Dental hygiene Tips you should follow

  • Pick the right toothpaste, Floss and Mouthwash

Make sure to learn about the right toothpaste, floss and mouthwash from your orthodontist. It is important to be cautious about dental products as some may contain harsh ingredients that can damage the metallic braces. 

  • Brush regularly to Remove foodstuffs remains 

Brushing your teeth is an inevitable dental hygiene practice whether you are wearing metallic braces or not. It keeps our teeth away from bacterias that cause cavities and other problems. Brushing is a little different after you start wearing metal braces. 

Ensure to use a soft brush and follow every instruction given by the dentist to brush your teeth without damaging braces. 

  • Floss your teeth daily 

Use proper floss picks or floss thread recommended by your orthodontist regularly to improve your dental hygiene. Insert it gently between teeth to remove debris and clean your gum, teeth and metal braces. Make it a habit to floss every time you have food to avoid them getting stuck between teeth and braces.  

  • Use oral irrigators for teeth and braces

It is an excellent idea to invest in oral irrigators while wearing metal braces to remove any additional plagues and food particles from the mouth. It works by emitting water with a moderate pressure through its water irrigator tank to remove food, bacteria etc., from your gums, teeth, and metal braces. Using oral irrigators are not an alternative to brushing or flossing but an additional step towards your dental hygiene. 

  • Nutrients rich diet

The health of your teeth, gums and alveolar bone is a priority while wearing metallic braces. Therefore, it is vital that you include nutrients rich food in your diet. Nutritious food is important, especially for children and teenagers who are growing rapidly. There are some food items you should avoid while wearing metallic braces like nuts, candies, popcorn, whole raw fruit, tough meat etc., to protect braces wires and brackets. Establish a nutrient-rich diet with soft and easily chewable food to make it easier to maintain the braces. 


As we now understand some of the best dental hygiene practices, It is time to include them in our daily routine. Metallic braces are fast and more effective now if you successfully follow all the instructions and recommendations given by your dentist. 

Are you thinking of getting metallic braces? Do you have more questions that you wish you could clarify before making the decision? Book an appointment with the best dental clinic in satwa, National Medical Center today itself. 

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